Rate my fakemon, it's still pending a name and art

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Pseudo Legendary
BST: 600
Hp: 87
Atk: 185
Spe: 160
Def: 158
Sp.Def: 5
Sp.Atk 5
Typing: Steel Ground
Exp Growth Rate: Fast
Egg Group: Mineral & Field
Weight: 500kg
Abilities: Magical Empowerment, Technician, (Hidden) Guts
(Signature Ability) Magical Empowerment: If the Pokémon is hit with a special attack, attack raises to 2 times the normal, works on substitute (changes alongside signature move)
Evolutionary Line:
Stage 1 -35-> Stage 2 -65+Blood Stone-> Final Stage
Signature Move: Earth Soultrade
Change Pokémon stats, Atk becomes SpAtk and Def becomes SpDef, boosts also change

Level 5 - Ice Fang
Level 6 - Spikes
Level 7 - Bullet Punch
Level 9 - Iron Head
Level 12 - Earth Power
Level 14 - Knock Off
Level 15 - Behemoth Blade
Level 17 - Crunch
Level 19 - Earthquake
Level 25 - Meteor Mash
Level 31 - High Horsepower
Level 50 - Megahorn
Level 75 - Earth Soultrade

Learn by TM:
Thunder Fang
Thunder Punch
Ice Fang
Ice Punch
Fire Fang
Fire Punch
Body Press
Heavy Slam
Drill Run
Iron Head
Bullet Punch
Focus Blast
Stealth Rock

Kaiju Bunny

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Hello! Unfortunately, I'll be locking your thread, as it breaks the following Smeargle's Studio Rule:
The thread needs to include at least three artworks: Those artworks can depict the same subject as long as they're not the exact same image. In the case of written works and poems, the thread must include at least three different works or works that together exceed 1000 words. If you don't have enough to create your own thread, there are several mega threads where people can post and share their work:
Rate My Art /// General Sprites and Banners /// Writing Thread /// Music Thread
If or when you make your three pieces, feel free to DM me and I'll unlock this for you!
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